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Working with world-class partners, our training blends technical know-how with a quality knowledge base, and empowers you with complete control over the learning process. 

We have recreated the classroom experience for students who are not able to fit a class schedule into their busy lifestyle and provided the finest instructor-led lectures which deliver quality learning, so you can learn what you want, where and when you want!

Microsoft Office Word 2013 (Level 1-3)

Microsoft Office Word 2013 (Level 1-3)
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This is a comprehensive course covering all of the functions and features of Word 2013 for students of any skill level. The course begins with basic concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced topics. After an introduction in getting started with Word, students will learn about editing and formatting documents, adding tables and managing lists.

They will also learn how to insert graphics, control page appearance, proof a document and customize the word environment. Students will then learn about working with tables and charts, customizing formats, using images and creating graphics. They will also learn how to use Quick Parts, controlling text flow, and using templates, mail merge and macros. Finally, students will learn about collaborating on documents and adding reference marks and notes. They will also learn how to manage long documents, secure a document and work with forms.

This is the ultimate training and certification program which includes everything you will need to fully prepare for the Microsoft certification exams.  12 Months Online Access, Featuring OnDemand Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions with Full Audio and Video Lectures. Schedule our instructor led classroom training at your convenience.


Word 2013: Level 1

Lesson 01 - Getting Started with Word

Topic A: Identify the Components of the Word Interface
Word 2013 Landing Page
A Word Document
The Word Application Window
The Ribbon
The Backstage View
The Clipboard Task Pane
The Quick Styles Gallery
Print Layout View
Last Location Bookmark
The View Tab
Demo 1-1: Working with Components of the Word Application Window
Demo 1-2: Opening and Displaying a Document in Different Views
Demo 1-3: Applying Different Window Views
Demo 1-4: Using Zoom Options
Topic B: Create a Word Document
The Print Window
Demo 1-5: Creating a New Document
Demo 1-6: Saving a Word Document
Demo 1-7: Previewing and Printing a Document
Topic C: Help
The Word Help Window
Demo 1-8: Finding Help in Word
Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 - Editing a Document

Topic A: Find and Select Text
Demo 2-1: Navigating and Selecting Text
Topic B: Modify Text
Live Preview
Demo 2-2: Copying and Pasting Text
The Undo Command
The Redo Command
Demo 2-3: Using the Undo and Redo Commands
Topic C: Find and Replace Text
The Navigation Pane
The Find and Replace Dialog Box
Find Options
Demo 2-4: Finding and Replacing Text
Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 - Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Topic A: Apply Character Formatting
The Mini Toolbar
The Format Painter
Demo 3-1: Applying Different Font Options to Text
Demo 3-2: Highlighting Text
Demo 3-3: Using the Format Painter to Format Text
Topic B: Align Text Using Tabs
Text Aligned with Tab Stops
The Tabs Dialog Box
Demo 3-4: Setting Tabs
Topic C: Display Text as List Items
Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Demo 3-5: Creating a Bulleted List
Demo 3-6: Creating a Numbered List
Topic D: Control Paragraph Layout
Indents Applied to Paragraphs
Demo 3-7: Setting Paragraph Alignment
Demo 3-8: Setting Indents in a Paragraph
Demo 3-9: Setting Spacing Options in a Document
Demo 3-10: Setting Hyphenation Options
Topic E: Apply Borders and Shading
Page and Paragraph Borders
Shading Applied to Bordered Text
The Borders and Shading Dialog Box
Demo 3-11: Adding Borders and Shading
Topic F: Apply Styles
Word Styles Applied to Text
The Quick Styles Gallery
The Styles Task Pane
Demo 3-12: Applying Styles
Topic G: Manage Formatting
The Reveal Formatting Task Pane
Demo 3-13: Reveal and Clear Formatting
Demo 3-14: Find and Replace Formatting
Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 - Adding Tables

Topic A: Insert a Table
Data Organized into a Table
The Quick Tables Gallery
Demo 4-1: Inserting a Table in a Document
Topic B: Modify a Table
The Table Properties Dialog Box
Demo 4-2: Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Demo 4-3: Moving and Resizing Columns
Topic C: Format a Table
Demo 4-4: Formatting a Table
Topic D: Convert Text to a Table
The Convert Text to Table Dialog Box
The Convert Table To Text Dialog Box
Demo 4-5: Converting Data
Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 - Managing Lists

Topic A: Sort a List
Demo 5-1: Sorting a List
Topic B: Renumber a List
Demo 5-2: Renumbering a List
Topic C: Customize a List
A Multilevel List
The Multilevel List Gallery
Demo 5-3: Creating a Multilevel List
Demo 5-4: Customizing a List's Appearance
Lesson 05 Review

Lesson 06 - Inserting Graphic Objects

Topic A: Insert Symbols and Special Characters
Demo 6-1: Inserting Symbols and Special Characters in a Document
Topic B: Add Images to a Document
Clip Art
Demo 6-2: Adding an Image to a Document
Lesson 06 Review

Lesson 07 - Controlling Page Appearance

Topic A: Apply a Page Border and Color
The Page Border Tab
Demo 7-1: Applying a Page Border
Topic B: Add a Watermark
A Watermark
The Printed Watermark Dialog Box
Demo 7-2: Adding a Watermark to a Document
Topic C: Add Headers and Footers
Headers and Footers
Demo 7-3: Inserting Headers and Footers
Demo 7-4: Modifying a Header and Footer
Topic D: Control Page Layout
Portrait and Landscape Orientations
Manual Page Breaks
The Page Setup Dialog Box
Demo 7-5: Controlling Page Layout
Lesson 07 Review

Lesson 08 - Proofing a Document

Topic A: Check Spelling and Grammar
The Spelling Pane
The Grammar Pane
Readability Statistics
The Word Count Dialog Box
Demo 8-1: Enabling Readability Statistics
Demo 8-2: Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Length of a Document
Topic B: Other Proofing Tools
The Thesaurus
Demo 8-3: Using the Thesaurus
The Research Task Pane
Demo 8-4: Using the Research Task Pane
Translating Selected Text
Research Options
Demo 8-5: Checking Accessibility
Lesson 08 Review

Lesson 09 - Customizing the Word Environment

Topic A: Customize the Word Interface
The Word Options Dialog Box
The AutoCorrect Dialog Box
Demo 9-1: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Demo 9-2: Customizing the Ribbon
Demo 9-3: Setting AutoCorrect Options
Topic B: Additional Save Options
Word 2013 File Formats
Demo 9-4: Saving a Word Document in a Different File Format
Demo 9-5: Using the Compatibility Checker
Demo 9-6: Changing AutoSave Options
Demo 9-7: Recovering an Unsaved Document
Lesson 09 Review
Course Closure

Word 2013: Level 2

Lesson 01 - Working with Tables and Charts

Topic A: Sort Table Data
Single-Level Sort
Demo 1-1: Sorting Table Data
Topic B: Control Cell Layout
Merged Table Cells
Merged Title Row and Category Cells
Demo 1-2: Controlling Cell Layout
Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Table
Formula Examples
Number Format Masks
Formula Arguments
Demo 1-3: Performing Calculations in a Table
Topic D: Create a Chart
Chart Components as Seen in a Bar Chart
Chart Types
Caption Dialog Box
Demo 1-4: Creating a Chart
Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 - Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes

Topic A: Create and Modify Text Styles
Built-In Style Examples
Styles on the Ribbon
Styles Task Pane Launcher
The Styles Task Pane
Linked Style
Create New Style from Formatting Dialog Box
Create New Style from Formatting
Style Sets
Demo 2-1: Creating and Modifying Text Styles
Topic B: Create Custom List or Table Styles
Creating a New List Style
Creating a New Table Style
Demo 2-2: Creating and Modifying List and Table Styles
Topic C: Apply Document Themes
Themes Gallery
Save Current Theme Dialog Box
Demo 2-3: Applying Document Themes
Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 - Using Images in a Document

Topic A: Resize an Image
Picture Layout Size Options
Cropping Handles
Crop to Shape
Demo 3-1: Resizing an Image
Topic B: Adjust Image Appearance
The Adjust Group
Original and Corrected Image
Picture Corrections Options
More Corrections Options
Picture Color Options
More Picture Color Options
Artistic Effects Options
Pencil and Chalk Artistic Effects
Removing Background from an Image
Demo 3-2: Adjusting Image Corrections Options
Demo 3-3: Adjusting Image Color
Demo 3-4: Applying Artistic Effects
Demo 3-5: Adjusting Image Appearance
Demo 3-6: Removing the Background from an Image
Topic C: Integrate Pictures and Text
Layout Dialog Box Text Wrap Options
Layout Options Button
Text Wrapping Styles
Through Wrap Option with Wrap Points
Image Position
Layout Dialog Box Position Options
Horizontal Layout Positions
Vertical Layout Positions
Alignment Guides
Rotate Image
Demo 3-7: Integrating Pictures and Text
Topic D: Insert and Format Screenshots
Screenshot Tool
Demo 3-8: Inserting and Formatting Screenshots
Topic E: Insert Video
Video Link
Insert Video with Embed Code
Insert Video from Search
Demo 3-9: Inserting a Video Link
Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 - Creating Custom Graphic Elements

Topic A: Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
Examples of Pull Quote and Sidebar
Demo 4-1: Creating Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
Topic B: Draw Shapes
Shape Categories
Drawing Canvas

Demo 4-2: Drawing Shapes
Topic C: Add WordArt and Other Text Effects
WordArt Gallery
Drop Cap Formatting
Demo 4-3: Adding WordArt and Other Text Effects
Topic D: Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt
Adding Text to a SmartArt Graphic
Choose a SmartArt Graphic Dialog Box
SmartArt Graphic Categories
Demo 4-4: Creating Complex Illustrations with SmartArt
Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 - Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

Topic A: Insert Building Blocks
Quick Parts Menu
Building Blocks Organizer
Building Blocks Pane Columns
Demo 5-1: Inserting Building Blocks
Topic B: Create and Modify Building Blocks
Create New Building Block Dialog Box
Demo 5-2: Creating and Modifying Building Blocks
Topic C: Insert Fields Using Quick Parts
Quick Parts Menu
Field Codes and Field Values
Field Code Syntax
Field Dialog Box
Field Dialog Box Showing Field Codes
Field Code Categories
Demo 5-3: Inserting Fields Using Quick Parts
Lesson 05 Review

Lesson 06 - Controlling Text Flow

Topic A: Control Paragraph Flow
Paragraph Flow Control
Demo 6-1: Controlling Paragraph Flow
Topic B: Insert Section Breaks
Section Breaks
Demo 6-2: Inserting Section Breaks
Topic C: Insert Columns
Columns with Column Breaks
Columns Dialog Box with Custom Options Set
Demo 6-3: Inserting Columns
Topic D: Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
Linked Text Boxes
Demo 6-4: Linking Text Boxes to Control Text Flow
Lesson 06 Review

Lesson 07 - Using Templates

Topic A: Create a Document Using a Template
Word Templates
Template Storage Locations
Template and Template-Based Document
Demo 7-1: Creating a Document Using a Template
Topic B: Create a Template
MacroButton Syntax
Demo 7-2: Creating a Template
Lesson 07 Review

Lesson 08 - Using Mail Merge

Topic A: The Mail Merge Features
Mail Merge Fields and Merge Results
Data Source in a Word Table
Mail Merge Fields
Matching Mail Merge Fields
Insert Greeting Dialog Box
More Items Mail Merge Field
Mail Merge Rules
Mail Merge IF Rule
Mail Merge Data Sources
Mail Merge Process
Mail Merge Wizard Steps
Insert Merge Field Dialog Box
Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box
SQL Warning Message
Demo 8-1: Performing a Mail Merge
Topic B: Merge Envelopes and Labels
Envelope with Merge Fields and Merge Results
Demo 8-2: Merging Envelope and Label Data
Topic C: Create a Data Source Using Word
Demo 8-3: Creating a Data Source Using Word
Lesson 08 Review

Lesson 09 - Using Macros

Topic A: Automate Tasks Using Macros
Results of Running a Macro
Macros Dialog Box
Trust Center Options
Demo 9-1: Automating Tasks Using Macros
Topic B: Create a Macro
The Record Macro Dialog Box
Customize Keyboard Dialog Box
VBA Window
Demo 9-2: Creating a Macro
Lesson 09 Review
Course Closure

Word 2013: Level 3

Lesson 01 - Collaborating on Documents

Topic A: Modify User Information
Document Panel
Demo 1-1: Modifying User Information
Topic B: Share a Document
Demo 1-2: Sending a Document as an Attachment
Topic C: Compare Document Changes
Comparing Two Documents
Compare Documents Dialog Box
Demo 1-3: Comparing Document Changes
Topic D: Review a Document
Track Changes Options
Track Changes Indicator
Comments in Comment Pane
Comment Replies
Demo 1-4: Reviewing a Document
Topic E: Merge Document Changes
Combining Document Changes
Reviewing Pane
Topic F: Review Tracked Changes
Demo 1-5 & 1-6: Merging Document Changes and Accepting or Rejecting Changes
Topic G: Coauthor Documents
See Who Else is Editing the File
Notification of an Area Locked by Another User
Changes by Others are Highlighted in Green
Demo 1-7: Coauthoring a Document
Lesson 01 Review

Lesson 02 - Adding Reference Marks and Notes

Topic A: Add Captions
Caption Dialog Box
Demo 2-1: Adding Captions
Topic B: Add Cross-References
Cross-Reference in a Document
Demo 2-2: Adding Cross-References
Demo 2-3: Updating a Cross-Reference
Topic C: Add Bookmarks
Bookmark Dialog Box
Demo 2-4: Creating and Using Bookmarks
Topic D: Add Hyperlinks
Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Demo 2-5: Inserting Hyperlinks
Topic E: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
Footnotes and Endnotes
Footnote and Endnote Dialog Box
Demo 2-6: Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
Topic F: Add Citations and a Bibliography
Create Source Dialog Box
Demo 2-7: Inserting Citations and a Placeholder
Demo 2-8: Adding a Bibliography
Demo 2-9: Modify a Citation and Bibliography
Lesson 02 Review

Lesson 03 - Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

Topic A: Insert Blank and Cover Pages
Demo 3-1: Inserting Cover and Blank Pages
Topic B: Insert an Index
Index Dialog Box
Concordance File
Demo 3-2: Indexing a Document
Topic C: Insert a Table of Contents
Demo 3-3: Inserting a Table of Contents
Topic D: Insert an Ancillary Table
Mark Citation Dialog Box
Table of Authorities Dialog Box
Demo 3-4: Adding a Table of Figures
Demo 3-5: Adding a Table of Authorities
Topic E: Manage Outlines
Outline View
Demo 3-6: Creating and Organizing an Outline
Topic F: Create a Master Document
Master Document
Demo 3-7: Creating a Master Document
Demo 3-8: Modifying a Master Document
Lesson 03 Review

Lesson 04 - Securing a Document

Topic A: Suppress Information
Document Inspector Dialog Box
Demo 4-1: Hiding Text
Demo 4-2: Removing Personal Information from a Document
Topic B: Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions
Restrict Editing Task Pane
Demo 4-3: Setting Formatting and Editing Restrictions
Topic C: Add a Digital Signature to a Document
Digital Signature
Signatures Task Pane
Requested Signatures
Demo 4-4: Adding a Digital Signature to a Document
Topic D: Restrict Document Access
Demo 4-5: Setting a Password for a Document
Lesson 04 Review

Lesson 05 - Forms

Topic A: Create Forms
Content Controls
Content Controls Panel
Demo 5-1: Using the Controls Group
Demo 5-2: Locking and Saving a Form
Topic B: Manipulate Forms
Demo 5-3: Adding and Removing Fields from a Form
Lesson 05 Review
Course Closure


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