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ODERAPLUS is a dynamic business services company set-up to harness the power of Information Technology, the knowledge economy and the Internet to provide effective solutions for the individual as well as the business customer in Nigeria and offers services in three main areas; Online IT & Professional Education, International Certification as well as Web Solutions services provision.

We have established a reputation for quality work and plan is to continue to enhance our image in the industry. Our most critical success factors are for our clients to realise results and improvements in their businesses; ODERAPLUS's focus on these factors and our partnership with our clients is what makes us unique. The company seeks to become a well-known and respected provider of advanced Internet solutions by:

  • Offering services designed to meet today's business needs and tailored to grow with business for tomorrow.
  • Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers.
  • Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers.

  • WHAT WE DO As a solutions-driven business, ODERAPLUS takes a holistic approach to everything we do for our clients. We have learnt to listen to what you're asking for and to make sure you have realistic expectations as we are always honest with you, asking the right questions to fully understand your vision, so that we deliver what you want for your business.

    ESTABLISHED PROFESSIONALS, EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE Our team has years of experience within this field and possesses the professionalism, expertise and commercial awareness to see your project is delivered successfully. With over 200 clients in our portfolio, we've a breadth of experience working on sites of different sizes, different complexities.

    We have a deep understanding of the digital marketing industry that helps us to not only build unique successful websites, but also to build long-term relationships with our clients.

    RETURN ON YOUR INVESTEMT At ODERAPLUS, we focus on making things easier for your customers, building your brand awareness and delivering tangible results for your business

    MISSION STATEMENT To satisfy our customers by always providing effective solutions to their current and future business needs through the delivery of value for money, high standard products and services. We aim to create, implement and manage cost effective product & services that provide measureable result, add value and enhance our client's profitability.

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